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Welcome to Cygnets!

I am Mrs DeSanges your Class Teacher, key group worker for Tiger group. Mrs Kaur and Mrs Clarke are your Learning Support Assistants, key group worker for Giraffe group.


Come and follow us on Twitter @BGI_Cygnets - Where we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting things we are doing! Please note we will not follow back to ensure that our timeline is safe.


We are Cygnets!



Cygnets were excited to receive their green balloon to celebrate our new website!


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

The Bike Ride

The Bike Ride 1 Ruby
The Bike Ride 2 Oliver
The Bike Ride 3 Alesha
The Bike Ride 4 Kian
The Bike Ride 5 Kaycee
The Bike Ride 6 Jaygo
The Bike Ride 7 Afia
The Bike Ride 8 Shayanrasool
The Bike Ride 9 Max
The Bike Ride 10 Aleeza
The Bike Ride 11 Evie
The Bike Ride 12 Harrison
The Bike Ride 13 Holly
The Bike Ride 14 Brandon
The Bike Ride 15 Ronnie-Mae
The Bike Ride 16 Aart-Jan
The Bike Ride 17 Jace
The Bike Ride 18 Anaya
The Bike Ride 19 Evie-Marie
The Bike Ride 20 Hafiza
The Bike Ride 21 Kaja
The Bike Ride 22 Emily

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6

Cygnets enjoyed wearing their night clothes to listen to a story. We turned all the lights off and sat quietly like it was bedtime and we even had hot chocolate!!!! Shayanrasool said "it was nice", Hazifah said "it's delicious" and lots of the children asked for some more.

In the forest!

In the forest! 1 We were waiting for a train.
In the forest! 2 We had a picnic but then we saw some snakes.
In the forest! 3 We found lots of little animals.
In the forest! 4 We went swimming at the bottom of the lake.
In the forest! 5 We then made some songbirds.
In the forest! 6 We had to spread butter on to the bread.
In the forest! 7 Then we put some cheese on the bread.
In the forest! 8 We cut the sandwich in half.
In the forest! 9 It was Yummy!

Name Writing

Name Writing  1
Name Writing  2
Name Writing  3 We formed some letters correctly!
Name Writing  4
Name Writing  5
Name Writing  6 We were able to hold our pen correctly!
Name Writing  7
Name Writing  8
Name Writing  9

Aliens Love Underpants

Aliens Love Underpants 1 We used tweezers to get diamons out of the gloop!
Aliens Love Underpants 2 We rescued the aliens out of the ice!
Aliens Love Underpants 3 Nursery built rockets in the sand!
Aliens Love Underpants 4 We were having our pants onto the washing line!
Aliens Love Underpants 5 Nursery have been exploring the drums!
Aliens Love Underpants 6 They drew pictures of aliens.
Aliens Love Underpants 7 We filled pants with aliens and counted the aliens
Aliens Love Underpants 8 Nursery threaded laces around the aliens and pants

Whatever Next

Whatever Next 1 We loved listening to the story "Whatever Next"
Whatever Next 2 We made a rocket like in the story.
Whatever Next 3 We went on a trip to the moon.
Whatever Next 4 We had a picnic on the moon.

Christmas Fun

Christmas Fun 1 The children were busy writing their party list.
Christmas Fun 2 Santa's workshop has been VERY busy today.
Christmas Fun 3 We have been making magical Reindeer food.
Christmas Fun 4 The Elves have been printing wrapping paper.

Christmas Play

We have been learning all about the story "Rainbow Fish".


Jaygo made a lovely picture of the Rainbow Fish on the creative table.


We used food colouring in Ice to do ice paintings. Ruby had lots of fun doing hers.