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Forest School 11th June

Today our adventure began in the meadow. We had to trust our partner to instruct and lead us safely to meet a tree....with a blindfold on. Mason said he had felt petrified but knew he could rely on his partner. Riely explained how important our 5 senses are. As a team we looked closely at our favourite tree, drawing it's shape and leaves. Ask us how to work out the age of a tree, using string, a ruler and a calculator. The youngest tree was 5 years old and the oldest was 28 years old.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Using our best climbing and balancing skills we had a chance to climb them!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our new topic is The Enchanted Woodland. To introduce this topic the children enjoyed a visit to Rookery Park. Whilst we were at the park, we collected  a variety of natural objects including twigs, leaves, pine cones and some flowers. Back in the classroom the children used the objects they had collected to make a collage.  

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Congratulations to the children who received an attendance certificate! Well done! 

Picture 1

Sparrows really enjoyed having an adult join them for lunch. 

It was lovely to see so many different family members! Mums, Dads, Aunts, Nans, Granddads!

Thank you all for coming!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

Sparrows have been busy today decorating biscuits for their business. We will be selling them after school.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

 Anne, our cook, came to talk to the children about any health and safety issues that the children needed to know for our business enterprise. This included washing hands, checking to see if all the ingredients are still in date and checking biscuits for any ingredients that children may be allergic to.  Also checking to see if all the ingredients are vegetarian.

Picture 1


Sparrows company is called the Dragon Biscuit Company. Next week from 20/04/2015 we will making special biscuits for St George's Day. Children will be able to buy biscuits at morning break for 20p each. They are suitable for vegetarians but may contain traces of nuts.

Picture 1

Sparrows designed posters to advertise their business. 

Picture 1

Welcome to the Sparrows' page!


Our teacher is Miss Whitehead and Mrs Simmons is our Teaching Assistant. Our topic this half term will be:


Memory Box


Here in Sparrows, we are 'reaching for the stars' by always aiming to impress ourselves, our teachers and any visitors to the classroom with what we do!


Here are some of the things we will be doing to celebrate the impressive things our class do:


  • Every Friday someone will receive a certificate in our Celebrations Assembly for their incredible work in class that week.


  • As well as this, we will be choosing a Super Star Writer, whose work will go on the entrance display for everybody to see!


  • Last but not least, every day the Sparrows will have a 'Star of the Day'. This might be for effort in work, attitude in the classroom or just something special that caught a teacher's eye!


Please check back each week to see what we have been doing and who has won an award.

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Happy Mother's Day! - Friday 13th March


Sparrows have been working really hard over the last few days to create their Mother's Day cards.  We really enjoyed making them, so we hope you enjoy receiving them!





Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Forest School 13th March

It was our last week and we felt a little sad about this. But Sarah had such an exciting activity waiting for us and we came back with our very own special keepsake to remember Forest School with.

We begun with this ...


A log from a birch tree.

 A log from a birch tree. 1

And ended up with these...

'Cookies' sawn and decorated by us!

'Cookies' sawn and decorated by us! 1
'Cookies' sawn and decorated by us! 2
'Cookies' sawn and decorated by us! 3
'Cookies' sawn and decorated by us! 4
'Cookies' sawn and decorated by us! 5
'Cookies' sawn and decorated by us! 6

Watch us using a bow saw to saw the 'cookie' from the log. Everybody followed the safety rules and kept on going. Impressive focus and attitude Sparows!

You pull, I pull.Team work in action.

Still image for this video

Keep your eyes on the log.

Still image for this video

Safety comes first.

Still image for this video

World Book Day - Thursday 5th March


We loved getting snuggled up to read our bedtime stories! We read our own books, then Miss Whitehead read a little bit of each and we explained why we liked them.


Forest School 5th March

Plants Brook came alive with woodland animals today! All of them created imaginatively from clay and natural materials.

Every child showed great perseverance and bundles of creativity. The animals of course needed a home, so these were quickly made without any prompting from the adults. The group then enjoyed playing with their new animal friends. Alim made his rabbit do different size bunny hops and Bina let her squirrel climb trees.

Women's Aid - Monday 2nd March


This afternoon we had some visitors from Women's Aid, who help families that are having a hard time. They came to talk to us about what we can do to stay happy and how we can help make our friends and family happy too.


 So to do this, we talked about what we can do and who we can talk to if we are worried or sad about something. We also listened to Aida's secrets and helped her decide which secrets were okay to keep, like a surprise party, and which ones we needed to tell somebody about - like anything that might make us scared or unsafe.

Picture 1 We showed how good friends look after each other..
Picture 2 ..and how a bad friend might make others feel sad.
Picture 3 We read things people might say...
Picture 4 ..and stood up if we thought a friend would say it
Picture 5 We played 'Who can be...?'
Picture 6 Could girls be chefs?
Picture 7 Could boys wear pink?
Picture 8 Of course they can!
Picture 9 Is it okay for boys to cry?
Picture 10 Aida the bear had some secrets...
Picture 11 She wanted to know which were safe to keep secret!
Picture 12 At the end, we had a dance to 'Happy'...
Picture 13 ...because happy is what we all should be!

Forest School 26th February

Where are you woodland animals? Stick arrows led us on a journey of discovery around the meadow. Working as a team we had to spot the hidden paw prints and their owners. Ask us to tell you about their different shapes and sizes.

Lily impressed us all by remembering facts about grey and red squirrels.

Sakina was very observant and found the grey squirrel hiding up a tree.

Trip to the Black Country Museum - Wednesday 25th February


We were all super excited to go on our trip this week and all of Year 1 really impressed us with how sensible and polite they could be when out of school. A big thank you to all the parents and staff who helped make the trip run so smoothly!


We visited lots of different houses and shops to see how people lived in the past and we were able to spot some objects that we recognised from our Topic work in class! We've taken photos of some of these objects - can you work out what they were for?


Did you know...


...sweets used to have metal in them? colouring used to (and still does!) contain beetle blood?


...carpet beaters were sometimes used to punish naughty children?


...people used to use a pot under the bed, if they needed the toilet at night?


...boys and girls used to split up when they went to school?


...Lucozade  used to be sold at the chemist's, for a special treat to help you when you were very sick?







Forest School 29th January

Off we set in a flurry of snow with grey skies. Sparrows were hopeful that the meadow would be covered in snow but the sun came out too and the snow didn't last.


We ventured down a new path, which took us around a very large pond. We felt proud of ourselves as it was a long way.

Sarah's challenge was to look high, low, and all around us for interesting natural things. We spotted 3 cormorants, lichen ,moss, great tits, hazelnuts, rose hips,tufted ducks and mini cones. Super observation skills Sparrows.


Winter can be a tough time for birds, so we wanted to give them a helping hand by making some yummy food for them.



Picture 1
Picture 2

Feeding the birds.

 Feeding the birds. 1 Tie a knot around the pine cones.
 Feeding the birds. 2 Cover the fat with bird seed.
 Feeding the birds. 3 Squash the mixture into the pine cone.
 Feeding the birds. 4 Taking responsibility by caring for wildlife.
 Feeding the birds. 5 I'll hang this up for the birds in school.
 Feeding the birds. 6 I followed all the instructions.
 Feeding the birds. 7 A tasty treat for hungry birds!

Forest School

Our second group were bursting with excitment at starting Forest School. Brrrr! It was very chilly but it didn't stop us enjoying Plantsbrook Nature Reserve.

We went a bird hunt around the pond. We learnt we had to be quiet and move slowly so we didn't scare them away. We also found out we had to look very carefully as some were tricky to see and very speedy.

Picture 1 Birds at Plantsbrook.
Picture 2 Finding the bird in our book.
Picture 3 Recording how many birds we've seen.
Picture 4 The swan is as tall as us.

PE: 13/01/15


Today we started to learn about the skills we need to use in Athletics. We carried out a number of activities - at the end we will do these activities again to see how far we have come!




We played 'Sweep The Floor'

We were split into two teams. Our job was to clean 'our side' of the hall by throwing all the beanbags into our opponent's half.

But we couldn't go past the line of cones!


Holly's team got thrashed the first time - we asked the children why.

They had noticed that some of the children were throwing from too far back, so their beanbags were landing in their own half.


What could we do?

Move up to the line of cones before throwing.


Next time, the other team got the hang of things and it was too hard to tell which side was most clean of beanbags!


Then we played a simple relay activity.



We were put in 4 teams                               Our goal was to put all our beanbags in our hoop.



Congratulations to all the children who received Attendance Certificates for last half term!

Congratulations to all the children who received Attendance Certificates  for last half term! 1

Wednesday 17th December

Our Mission: to  entertain!


Superstar Sparrows brought you

'Rocking Around The Littlest Tree'


Cast List


Introducing... the Christmas Tree




...the Sparrows









...Dad, grandma and the little boy 





...last but not least, the all important dancing choir of forest animals!



P.S.: Don't worry, my hard working performers were given refreshments in the staging area afterwards...



The Sparrows impressed us by:

learning lines, remembering lines, speaking loudly and clearly, using expression, facing the audience, waiting for our cue, remembering our places, singing loudly, clearly and with expression, learning dance moves, confidently performing dance moves, organising ourselves without adult direction - sensibly and maturely!


Everyone at Birches Green was very proud of all our children!

Have a very happy Christmas!



Look who came to see us on Friday...

...and we sang a song for him too!

Still image for this video

Our Christmas Song

Still image for this video
If you're ready to get into the festive mood, you can listen to our christmas song with your child. They'll need to know it for our christmas production...

27/11/14 - Anti Bullying and Stay Safe Week

Last week was Anti Bullying Week and the Sparrows created another verse for our school song:


Birches Green Infants is the place to be,

In our school there are no bullies to see,

Nice and friendly and helpful too,

We will always be good to you!


This afternoon we carried on learning about how to look after ourselves and each other. We talked about what we could do to stop bullying, focusing on the positive things we can do rather than the bad things we shouldn't do.


Then we created a 'kindness garden', writing positive ideas about how we can help make other people happier.


What do you think?



Here are some of the ideas we thought of:






Our last week at Forest School.

We felt a little sad  saying goodbye to Alicia and to Plants Brook Nature Reserve today.

We thought about how the park will change  over the autumn and winter months until it's Sparrow's turn to go again in spring.


We cheered ourselves up by playing in the dens we made last week.

Then we got creative making things from natural materials.

Picture 1 Wrapping wool carefully.
Picture 2 Peeling bark away with a peeler.
Picture 3 Pushing out the soft pith from an elder stick.
Picture 4 What a smile!
Picture 5 How many elder sticks did I thread?
Picture 6 Little spiders made from mini cones.

6th November


Today I was lucky enough to join the Sparrows on their trip to forest schools. We had a fabulous time making dens!


1. We had to find long logs and carry them safely to our chosen tree.


2. Then we had to find a secure spot to put our branches in, so they wouldn't fall or get blown over.



3. When we had made our shelter, we added some logs to sit on. We had to roll the big, heavy logs along the floor.



 Cameron used all his puff!         A stump for a stool?


4. We very creatively decorated our den. We made a kitchen, 'painted' the den, made leaf curtains, set up a fire place, made leaf skewers and even added a Christmas Tree! Someone found a branch that looked like a toilet roll and put it in a 'toilet area' away from the den. One team even swept a path!



 Cameron's Team                                                        Noah's Team



5. We shared what we had done with the other team (see the videos!) and then had a chance to 'borrow' some of their ideas and add the finishing touches to the den...








Black History Assembly - Script and Cast List

13/10 - 17/10


A pat on the back for...


Our celebrations star Bina for trying really hard with the work she does at home. We are all very impressed with your progress!


Our star writer Kai for using all the ingredients of a fabulous sentence: full stops, capital letters, finger spaces and a sprinkle of WOW words.



In literacy we started looking at information books, learning about eggs and the life cycle of animals. We took a special delivery of a large round thing...


What could be inside??


This week in numeracy we have been learning to give position and direction.This has involved lots of fun practical activities like treasure hunts, maze making and map making.


Simone gave Jessica instructions to find the 'treasure' on her map


The challenge was to remember our left from our right. We also had to remember to give precise instructions - how many steps forward or backward should we walk? Check out the videos below to see if the Sparrows managed to meet the challenge when giving instructions for their mazes...



The Amazing Maze

Still image for this video
We had to listen to the directions given by other children and follow instructions to find the treasure in the maze. I was really impressed everyone remembered their left and right too!

The Amazing Maze Part 2

Still image for this video
Another try at following the directions given by lots of helpful pupils!

Ace Dance

Sparrows had a fantastic time dancing with the Ace Dance Instructor.  Some wonderful moves from everyone!!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Forest School





Using simple tools.

Still image for this video
How do you use a vegetable peeler to peel bark from a stick?
Ask us, because we followed all the safety rules and used the peeler correctly to peel away the bark.

I kept going!

Still image for this video
Great control of the peeler.

We showed our knot tying skills by adding autumn leaves and seeds to our freshly peeled sticks.

Kai and Noah pretended their sticks were fishing rods.

Ruby and Tanisha pretended their sticks were magic wands.

6th - 10th October


A pat on the back for...


My Stars of the Day: Mason, Tanisha, Alex, Jessica and Holly

My Super Star Writer: Finlay, for a really focused piece of writing  with a beginning, middle and end as well as a time connective!  


"The skeletons were asleep in their cosy cosy bed.

Next the skeletons had a dream the skeletons were being chased by a dinosaur.

The dog had a bone."


My Celebrations Star: Hamza, for his amazing brick boat.




Lots of festivals...


This week we celebrated Eid. The children made star and moon mobiles to decorate the hall for our Eid morning and we learnt about what happened during this festival from some of the children in the classroom. We also made some Eid cards.

Eid Mubarak!


We also learnt about the Harvest Festival. Lots of Sparrows brought in food to send to Birmingham City Mission, to help people who are struggling at the moment.

Birches Green Harvest Collection


We learnt a harvest poem for our assembly:


Rosy, red apples, strawberries ripe

All of these red foods that we like.


Bananas, pineapple and sticky honey

Yellow food makes us feel sunny


Raspberries, marshmallows soft like a cloud

We like pink food so shout it out loud


Cabbages, lettuces, peas in a pod

Say Thank you for harvest

Say thank you to God


Carrots and oranges, baked beans on toast

Some of the food that we like the most


Plums and beetroot and raisins so sweet

Purple food is such a treat


Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries too

The only food that’s really blue


We were also challenged to create a 'meal' for a homeless person, using collage materials:



Thursday 9th October


We have had a fabulous afternoon in Sparrows.


This morning in literacy we have been describing the dinosaurs in our story: 'Tyrone the Horrible'.


We have been focusing on using WOW words to describe the two characters and our challenge has been to explain why we are using that description, using because. Some of us have even started using 'but', to put a different point of view forward. 


One of our independent activities was to create a collage setting for Tyrone and Bolland, we looked carefully at the swampy pictures in the book and created our own. We had to think carefully about the colours and materials we used and how we could make trees, sand, grass and water...

Kadon's 'Swamp'


This afternoon was a real treat for all the class, half of us went to Forest Schools and the rain luckily stopped for a few hours. The rest of us were thinking about giving directions - this is part of our computing unit, but it ties into our maths and geography work too.


Some of us closed our eyes and the rest of the class had to give directions to find a hidden object. Then we had maps and had to direct our partners to find an object on the map.






In our free time, some of us carried on 'treasure-hunting'. I was given directions, telling me left and right so I eventually found the hidden treasure! 


Amani and Lilly were drawing maps and giving instructions. Here is Amani's...


Bina and Amina started to set up a tea-party - for 10 people! Tomorrow their special challenge will be to get ready for this tea party - and send out the invites!




Bina and Amina's Tea Party

Still image for this video

Forest School

Our journey around Plantsbrook today led us to unexplored areas.

We found a boardwalk over a pond, another bigger pond and lots of fallen logs.

We noticed the meadow looked very different because the tall grass had been mown.


Picture 1 Practising my balancing.
Picture 2 Learning what bullrushes look like.
Picture 3 Enjoying a snack together.

We'll have to go through it!

Still image for this video
How did it feel splashing through the muddy puddle?

Forest School

 Our challenge today was to work as a team to hunt for natural objects in and around the meadow.

 The trickiest thing to find was something to show an animal had been there.

Some groups met the challenge and found some animal fur or feathers.

Picture 1 Something that looks like the letter 'Y'.
Picture 2 Another 'Y'
Picture 3 Why are all these feathers here?
Picture 4 A different 'Y'.
Picture 5 Super team work.
Picture 6 We found soft feathers too.

Forest School

Autumn is  the time to collect seeds from trees.

We learnt to identify acorns, conkers and helicopter seeds and the trees they come from.

Oak, horse chestnut and field maple.

A whirl of helicopter seeds.

Still image for this video

15th - 19th September

A pat on the back for...


Our celebrations star Riely who impresses everyone in Class 3 with his attitude to learning. Riely is always eager to join in our discussions and have a go - but he always makes sure he has his hand up! Well done!


Our superstar writer Simone who worked very hard in her phonics lesson and managed to come up with her own sentence, beautifully written. Keep it up!




Our Stars of the Day: Zyanne, Riely, Bina.


Good job everyone!


Here are just a few of the things we have been doing this week!


Literacy - we have been learning about the story of Mary Anning and the important dinosaur discoveries she made. Why not ask your child what they can tell you about this lady?


Numeracy - we have carried on working with money and we are getting more confident as a result! 


In our focus groups we worked together to buy our toy dinosaurs...


Then our independent challenge was to count out the right amount of money for an item. 


Some of us were more confident and for extra brownie points we had to find different coins to make the same amount!


Dinosaur Dig


We have been very busy at work in our museum this week! We had to go out and find our own fossils, making sure we were careful to excavate them...


Success! When we had found a fossil, we had to take it back and price it up...

Hamza decided his fossil was worth 10p!


And finally we had to put it in the museum ready to sell it to our customers. Business was brisk!



We also talked about how fossils are created and had a go at making our own...stay tuned to see how they turned out!



Our first week at Forest School.

The sun shone! We spotted  different birds, spiders, berries and even mushrooms on our walk.

Well done Noah  and Cameron for handling the spider carefully.

 Alicia told us our safety rules at Forest school.

1,2,3! Where are you?

Still image for this video

Our safety call at Forest School is very important. We use our ears and eyes to return to the teachers safely.

8th - 12th September

A pat on the back for...


Our celebrations star Noah who read beautifully during the week. On Friday Noah brought in his favourite book from home, "The Snail and the Whale" to show Mrs Ricketts and the Sparrows. We all loved listening to the story!


Our superstar writer Tanisha who listened carefully to the task and wrote a thoughtful prediction about what would happen next in 'Harry and the Dinosaurs', using 'and' and 'because' in her sentence.


Our Stars of the Day: Holly, Leo ,Alfie, Charlotte, Ruby.


Well done everyone!


Here are just a few of the things we have been doing this week!


We have been exploring different ways to create dinosaurs...



We used plasticine. Our challenge was to create all the body parts and then make the dinosaur stand up!


We also made dinosaur sock puppets, our challenge was to choose the best materials to create our dinosaurs.



Dinosaur Dig


This week, we were lucky enough to receive some Fossils from another school. We have used these to create our Fossil Museum.

We have started working with money this week, the children really enjoyed using a till so that they could pay to enter the museum.  

Then they looked closely at the fossils to find the patterns in them, doing rubbings and thinking about what they might have been...


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