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12. Who are the support agencies that can help parents with pupils who have Special Educational Needs ?


How they support parents

How to contact them

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)

SENDIASS exists to provide advice and information to parents and pupils in Birmingham.

This information is designed to explain special educational needs procedures, to help you understand the law and procedures that affect you and your child, and to provide information on other issues that may be useful.

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 0121 303 5004

School Family Support worker

Information, signposting and short term support programmes for children and their families

Referral by senior members of school staff

Autism West Midlands

Support for children and families who have a child diagnosed with Autism

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 0303 0300111

Beyond the Horizon

Counselling for familyu breakdown and bereavement

School or other Professional can make a referral with parental consent

Think Families

Think Families team will allocate a worker who will offer support to the family in any way possible.

Meet the national and local criteria and referred by a professional

Featherstone family support team

Family support interventions and multi-agency support


Professional referral – with previous work evidenced


Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Early detection of mental health issues in children and young people

School can fill in a form which parents or carers sign.  The family doctor can also complete this form.


Edward’s Trust

Counselling Service for families suffering from bereavement

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 0121 4541705



Children’s Centre’s

(St Barnabas, Featherstone, Pype Hayes, Osborne, Erdington Hall)


Support for families in their community, signposting and group work

Contact individual Children’s Centres:

St Barnabas     0121 4648397

Featherstone   0121 6753408

Pype Hayes     0121 4644252

Osborne           0121 6751123

Erdington Hall  0121 6752223


North locality Parenting Support


Parenting courses - Triple P, Incredible years, Promoting happier parenting

Referral from school or professional with parental consent