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Buddy Club : 2014-2015

Owls had fun making models with the play-dough.

The children have enjoyed a range of activities which included sewing, designing bookmarks and  making dough models.

Owls had lots of fun painting today. Hayden did a lovely picture of his dog and Nasii painted a scary witch!

Sparrows had fun whilst developing their number skills. This is a simple game that you can play at home.  Each child takes a turn to turn over two cards and then adds the two digits. The child with the most correct answers/cards wins the game. You can play addition, subtraction and multiplication games.

Varun,Kian and Hassan did some lovely drawings in Buddy Club!

Today Kingfishers were showing off their sewing skills!  Jaden is making a bookmark for his dad.

Owls had fun using the play dough and Sparrows also enjoyed combining mental maths with a game. 

Kestrels had fun playing snakes and ladders! 

The children had fun and practised their adding skills whilst playing the snake game.

Look at all the lovely things year one have been making in Buddy Club! Sparrows made some clay models and Owls designed their own book marks.

The children had fun playing the snake game. Well done to Alfie who was very quick at mental maths!

Sparrows have had fun making clay models.

December has arrived and Buddy Club have been busy making Christmas decorations!

Do you like our beautiful Christmas decorations?  Well done Buddy Club!

In Buddy Club Owls made spiders and then made a den for the spiders to live in.

Today we had fun playing snap!

The children had fun making pencil pots and rockets!

Today the children had fun making rockets.

We have been having lots of fun in Buddy Club!

Today we have been having fun playing addition adder!

Welcome to the New School Year!


In Buddy Club we have been painting and drawing portraits of ourselves.

Do you like our clay models?

Today in Buddy Club we played games developing skills in  mental maths,  counting on and using a 100 square whilst having fun!

Look at the super playdough models we have made today!

Buddy Club have been busy making bookmarks!