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Club for YOU : 2014-2015


Here are some pictures from tonights Club4You. They aren't very good because the children were running so fast I struggled to photograph them! Fun was had by all, with a game of Shark Island, followed by Tag Tails. Afterwards they had a healthy drink of water and some pears!

The Sharks, waiting to catch the fish!
Talking team tactics!
Who can catch the fish?
Lots of action going on!
Run, run as fast as you can!

The children were asked why they love coming to Club4You:-

* "because it keeps you healthy.....we have lots of different fruits!"


* "we like eating fruit and playing Dodgeball!"


* "I like coming because we eat lots of healthy fruit and play games!"


* "because sometimes we play Dodgeball, Shark Island and Tags!"


* "you eat mango, my Mum doesn't know where to buy mango!"

Thank you to the parents who gave us such lovely feedback on our Club......


Alexander is more active and wants to eat healthy food all the time!


Lewis is eating more fruit…..he loves doing star jumps at home with his Mum!


Hayden really seems to enjoy the Club and his confidence has increased!


Piper loves Club4You, she enjoys the activities and games!


Adam—it has really raised his confidence and made him more outgoing!


Olawashyi—it has boosted her confidence, improved her social interaction and she is eager to help other people now!


Tyler really enjoys Club4You, and tells us all about it every Wednesday night!








Mama Mia.........Club4You made healthy pizza last night! All the ingredients are natural and good for you. Have a go at making them at home instead of reaching for the take away menu!

Rolling out healthy, homemade, wholemeal dough!
Spread with tomato past!
Adding healthy toppings!
We needed to add some cheese to give us protein!
Mama mia!
Our Club4You chefs!
The delicious finished product!  Was it nice?

Club4You November 5th 2014

We developed our ball skills!
We are tasting different fruits.
We tried pineapple and kiwi fruit today!

Club4You 2014/2015. We are learning new games and new skills whilst having fun! Each week we also try different and exciting healthy fruits - giant grapes and super strawberries today! If you liked them ask someone at home to buy them for you as a healthy, tasty treat!

This weeks activities in the sun - then we loved tasting some mango!

Two children got the Head teacher's Award - for participating in Club with enthusiasm!

Week 1

What do we want to get better at?
Tasting water melon - did you like it?