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For persevering in her maths with the inverse operation multiplication and division

For building her confidence in all areas of her learning

For trying his best in phonics

For having a really positive attitude in phonics

For showing resilient determination and great improvement in all areas of his learning

For trying really hard in all aspects of his learning and making the right choices

For an improved attitude towards her learning

For his excellent contributions to discussions in guided reading

For always been there for others

For amazing switched on learning

For working on improving her phonics, being an active learner and making great progress

For trying hard to use his phonics in his independent writing

For trying very hard to keep his handwriting neat

For being a superstar especially with his work on doubling

For settling wonderfully into Kestrels class and always participating

For settling into Owls class so beautifully

For his fantastic knowledge of multiplication in maths

For applying his fantastic phonics work in his writing

For working independently on a wide variety of activities

For her superb knowledge of the rainbow

For being a confident reader and using VIPERS to answer comprehension questions

For settling in so well in Owls

For his fantastic improvement in his writing

For enjoying the experience at the farm so much

For showing what an exceptional reader she is when completing a SATs paper

For a big improvement with her blending

For always being polite and for always smiling

For a contagious love of learning

Excellent acting out of The Little Red Hen

For changing her mindset and being determined to learn

For trying really hard in phonics with all her sounds

For gaining so much confidence in class discussions.

For showing resilience with maths

For using her rainbow brain and persevering in her learning.

For using phonics and tricky words to write super sentences.

For her excellent contributions during whole class reading sessions

For having enthusiasm and excitement for all learning

For gaining more confidence to answer questions in class

For having a mature attitude to learning

For making good choices and being a kind friend

For always contributing to class discussions.

For having more confidence to share his ideas with the class

For her love of learning, enthusiasm and enjoyment of being in school

For having an improved attitude towards her learning

For having a grown up attitude to learning since returning back to school

For his fantastic reading and contributions during guided reading

For his determination and effort to improve his phonics and reading

For applying punctuation with a fantasy story

For settling in Robins class really well

For following instructions carefully to produce super art work

For working hard at knowing the layout of an instructional text

For gaining confidence to blend CVC words

For her amazing progress in Phonics

For his super shape work

For using the strategies she has been taught confidently in maths

For improvement in maths and applying her learning

For always coming into school with a big smile on his face and a positive attitude

For working hard to complete the work given and always trying his best

For her amazing sorting of animals from hot and cold countries

For showing an improvement in his reading with sounding out & blending

For her confidence and joining in her class

For putting a 100 percent in everything especially her phonics

For great improvement in his writing

For working hard in class learning about castles

For concentrating in class and enjoying his learning

For her amazing improvement with number bonds to ten

For using her phonics to describe her picture

For being a helpful member of the class

For always been a polite and kind pupil

For superb text map about castles

For an excellent draw bridge in DT using pulleys

For writing a story about a tiger and using punctuations

For been a polite, kind and friendly pupil in class

For writing a great story map about the three bears

For labelling a castle in her topic work

For producing good English work

For always using her magnificent manners

For having fantastic ideas and been an amazing friend

For listening carefully and always putting his hands up to answer

For writing a fantastic story using finger spaces

For understanding part, part of and whole

For using text from a story to create his own description

For writing a story about Sophie and her mum

For been helpful in class and having a go at all his activities

For settling in reception and having a go at all activities

Congratulations to our new School Councillors

For segmenting and blending unknown words

For amazing writing of sentences

For been a mathematical wizard

For joining in class discussion by putting his hands up.

For editing her own work

For his contribution in the dram "World Book Day"

For her confidence in maths

For her dedication on "Bug Club"

Fantastic improvement in all her work

For her increased improvement in her maths

For her increased involvement in class participation

Approaching everything with confidence and a smile

For his improvement in his phonics and maths

For increased improvement in phonics

For using her ambitious vocabulary

For his super internet knowledge

For his brilliant maths

For working faster in class

For his superb maths

For his handwriting and phonics

For his increased confidence in maths

For her brilliant reading at home

For participating in class & increasing his confidence

For her beautiful hand writing & vocabulary

For using his adjectives

For increasing his concentration in class

For being an exemplary member of Birches Green Infants

For her amazing homework

For being enthusiastic in her learning

For independently writing sentences with Full Stops & Capital Letters

For her resilience & improvement in learning

For creating a fabulous story map

For an amazing progress in her writing

For showing perseverance and a "Can Do" attitude

For his superb attitude to learning, feeling proud of success & wanting to improve.

For growing in confidence and being an enthusiastic learner

For his fantastic progress in Maths and English

For making a huge improvement on the phonics check

For being a Superstar in everything

For super improvement in independent writing

For being focused with her work and her concentration

For controlling his emotions

For being kind and friendly to others

For being a Superstar at everything

For superb improvement in independent writing

For having a brilliant smile & a fantastic sense of humor

For doing fantastic writing

For having a positive attitude to his work

For his marvelous maths learning

For his wonderful singing and leading the choir

For her superb smile and always having a go with her learning

For his positive attitude towards his learning

For her enjoyment of Art & her growing confidence in Year 1

For being a model pupil & practically perfect in everything

For getting 20/20 on her SATs reading paper 1

For being a reading champion in Owls class

For always paying attention & listening carefully

For trying hard with her learning

For having a positive attitude towards learning

For showing confidence when speaking to grown-ups

For showing inquisitiveness in science

For showing maturity and great effort in his learning

For listening and reading well

For his fantastic improvement with his phonics

For her wonderful reading of captions

For enjoying his reading in reception

For an improvement with his joining up handwriting

For his superb number bond knowledge

For a fabulous piece of homework for her "Moon Zoom Topic"

For growing in confidence and speaking in class.

For been an amazing author

For joining in and showing confidence in his learning

For been a kind and considerate member of the class

For showing such confidence & humor in assembly

For writing a beautiful birthday card for Lola

For fabulous writing of CVC words

For her amazing addition work

For writing a fact file on a famous black author

For using shapes to make a turtle and knowing names & properties

For giving 100 percent effort in all that she does

For improving her reading and working hard at home.

For creating an interesting piece of history homework.

For trying her best in all she does and been a kind friend.

For trying his best and making great choices

For using her phonics in her writing

For been a wonderful reader and knowing over 28 words.

For her amazing writing

For spotting initial sounds in the pictures

For his amazing number work and using his slow brain to achieve.

For his general knowledge about castles

For an improvement in his confidence in his maths lessons

For working really hard especially in English and Phonics

For having motivation, determination and skill in P.E

For his super artist skills

For showing such enthusiasm in Year 1

For creativity in her dance lessons

Formidable writing about Mrs Fluffy The Horse

For been a delight in the classroom everyday

For magnificent maths knowledge

For practicing writing his name

For describing what happen in the story

For been a mathematical wizard

For listening and showing a fantastic attitude in year 1

For wonderful maths work

For coming to school with a happy attitude

Fantastic letter writing

For been a motivated writer

For been enthusiastic about been in Year 2

For his wonderful attitude to learning

For settling into Year 1 and his beautiful writing

For showing such confidence across Year two

For showing all the school values and being a good friend

For an outstanding bar chart in Maths

For listening really well and answering questions confidently.

For trying hard to make good choices and improvement in his learning

For getting his mojo back with his writing

For gaining so much confidence throughout the year and working hard with everything she does.

For improving her writing ideas and conservative handwriting

For showing great progress in P.E.

For joining in more with his learning

For growing in confidence in class

For collaborating well on their baby bell story

For wonderful number work

For her magnificent dance moves and for teaching the other children

For being a kind, supportive classmate and encouraging others to do their best

For his beautiful presentation in mathematics

For his phenomenal understanding of number bonds one to a thousand

For working so hard on his learning at Birches Green Infants

For his magnificent improvement in reading and applying it in his Sats test

For making an informative PowerPoint about Erdington

For always having beautiful manners and a lovely smile

For showing a keen interest in our transcript topic

For an improvement in her independent writing

For being a mature and sensible young man

For a wonderful phonics & improvement in his reading

For a fantastic diary entry from the story Jack & the Beanstalk

For an amazing writing of sentences using finger spaces and full stops

For good presentation and effort in her English work

For having confidence and believing in herself

For producing some super work and always being a good role model

For improving his attitude towards his writing

For using his creativity during our mini-beast topic

For working so hard on his mini-beast garden collage

For expanding her vocabulary

For superb fluency of reading

For a focus week of learning and joining in.

For understanding his reading and using the VIPERS

For reading 100 high frequency words.

For showing such maturity and progress in all that she does.

For coming to school each day with a smile on his face and a positive attitude for his learning.

For independently completing his learning.

For improving his language skills and enjoying reception.

For trying his best in everything he does.

For her understanding of different text types.

For showing consideration for his friends.

For growing in confidence.

For being quietly confident with his learning.

For showing a really positive attitude.

For making a real effort to be respectful to all his peers and adults

For her joy and love of all aspect of school life

For using a tone to create a scene from a story

For a super effort using visual maths

For showing resilience with her maths homework and lessons

For settling in so well in his class

For improvement in her reading

For always trying her best

For being a super star with her phonics

For making a healthy design for her soup

For writing a fabulous Jack & the Beanstalk story

For a fantastic improvement in his attitude to learning.

For improvement with her phonics knowledge.

For showing a great improvement with his learning.

For writing an exciting historical accurate letter.

For always trying her best and always smiling.

For improvement in her writing.

For showing his manners throughout the day.

For showing flare in her writing

For reading everyday and producing excellent homework

For a great improvement in her writing

For been the perfect role model

For his vast knowledge of space

For showing independent reading

For showing fabulous writing skills

For been a magnificent mathematician

For showing a talent in P.E. with his weaving skills

For showing maturity and kindness to others

For showing a positive attitude to his learning

For growing in confidence in her phonics

For making a super spider puppet from his favorite book

For been a talented author

For perfecting his presentation in his writing.

A superb 3D treasure map

An amazing improvement with his attitude to school.

For growing in confidence when performing in front of the whole school.

For her confidence with her writing

For having a fantastic attitude towards his learning

For making progress in his reading

Fantastic writing in her homework

Wonderful improvement in his writing

Superb subtraction work

For reading his first 100 words

For telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes

For her contribution during whole class reading activities

For having a thirst to learning

For her superb understanding in our work on division

For trying hard with her sounds in Phonics

For trying hard and persevering with everything

For superb gymnastic sequences

Marvelous mental maths

For settling in well & always ready to learn

For wonderful use of her adjectives

For showing confidence in her writing

For an independent story map

For showing excellence in her phonics

Showing excellence in her reading responses

Excellent in drawing

For working hard and improving in his spellings

Showing team work in writing a timeline of Neil Armstrong

Showing expression with his amazing reading

Wonderful sentence writing

Speaking confidently in class

Wonderful sentence writing

For having a passion for reading and sharing ideas

Amazing mental maths learning

For excellent time reading and problem solving

For fabulous counting and number work

For speaking confidently in public

For becoming an expert art critic

For a fantastic t-shirt design based on Jackson Pollock

For having a can do attitude

For improve maturity and behaviour at all times

For having a go at all learning and making fabulous progress

For her confidence & maturity

Finding the joy in each new day & using his voice to share this

Brilliant computing skills using PowerPoint

Super estimation skills in maths

Trying hard to use her sounds

For showing all of our school values everyday

Fantastic all-round progress this term

Lovely creative homework

For fantastic maths progress

For excellent mathematic knowledge and application

For excellent understanding of her class reading

For growing confidence with her learning

For growing independence in class

For excellent pattern making

For her superb skills in reading

For her enjoyment and improvement in maths

Superb understanding of money

For her creative animal picture

Amazing addition and perseverance

For using comprehension with her reading

For persevering with his homework

For using her SPAG knowledge

For been a good role model

For working as a team

For learning high frequency words

For joining in more and talking in class

For showing more confidence in her learning

For amazing mathematics

For supporting others and showing leadership skills

For excellent progress in his science

For improve reading

For a vast improvement in his attitude to learning

For excellent keyword reading

For excellent storytelling

For a beautiful presentation in her writing

For using different features in her writing to engage the reader

For using her visual maths really well for counting

For doing excellent in number work

For challenging herself in maths

Marvelous Mathematician

For innovating a quest and journey story

For always showing a positive attitude to learning

For labellig his pictures for shark in the park

For re-telling the story for Shark in the Park

For magnificent maths work

For superb spelling and been helpful to others

For a fantastic castle made independently

For wonderful writing and using his sounds

For brilliant phonics

For trying his best and never giving up.

Marvelous maths work

For writing an exciting quest and journey story

Always trying her best

For building his confidence

For good independent maths work

Having good rhythm in the drumming workshop

For having a flair in mathematics

For taking his time in getting his maths work completed accurately.

Challenging herself in maths

Excellent understanding of 2 digit numbers

Giving 100% in class

Fabulous den building

For blending and reading well

For excellent reading at home

For working well on her independent activities.

Coming into school with a positive attitude everyday.

For trying lots of different activities

For improved confidence in Year 1

For listening well and remembering part of a story.

For a positive start to Year 2

For being a good friend to her new classmate.

Super improvement in maths

For a great start to Reception.

For having a positive attitude towards her new class.

For persevering with his maths

For SPAG Knowledge

For been a wonderful role model and showing all our school values.

Pictures from our Awards Assembly this morning.

Tias  got the award for his class for making great progress in all areas and is always working hard to improve himself. His confidence has grown so much!


Aizah got he Award for her class for making tremendous progress in all areas of the curriculum, having belief in herself and always aiming high.


Well done everyone 😊

Expressive English skills

Fabulous sand art

Been a true sports person and achieving in every sport

Been a helpful member of the class

Creative Art skills

Wonderful writing skills

For been a good friend and showing maturity

For doing well on Sports Day

For good Art work in class