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Covid-19 response - Home Learning

A message to parents/carers 


You are doing a great job by caring for your child and helping them learn. There will be days when they will be feeling more anxious and unsure of what is going on. Don’t force the issue of learning at these times. Listen to them, answer their questions, reassure them they are in the safest place. Remind them that school will begin again. Then distract them, get them thinking about something else that occupies their thinking. 

If you need any support or advice, call 0121 464 4310.

Birches Green - We miss you! (second edition)

A message from all the staff at Birches Green.

To help keep children in routine, create a timetable which outlines the activities for the day. Below is an example one we have created which replicates a typical school day. 

Home Learning Online

Below are links to the two home learning pages recently recommended by the government. In school, we are using BBC Bitesize to deliver activities to the children. Therefore, we recommend that BBC bitesize is the first website you refer to when looking for home learning activities.

Well-being and Safeguarding

During this period of working from home, children will be accessing a lot of online resources. Please ensure that you continue to monitor their usage and check that parental controls are set up on all devices.

We frequently remind children about staying safe online both in school and outside of school. Children have also been reminded of the number for Childline and have been made aware of their website should they have concerns.

As parents and carers, you may also need support and this can be found at The Waiting Room or local foodbanks.

If at any time you feel a child is in immediate danger or significant harm a call should be made to CASS (Children’s Advice and Support Service) on 0121 3031888. If you encounter a dangerous or unsafe situation, please contact the police.