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Sports Club : 2014-2015

Fortunately the rain held off for our last sports session. The children enjoyed a variety of sports which included hockey, football and tennis. The children completed questionnaires with very positive comments. Ella said "I have enjoyed taking part because you can exercise."  Aleysha said "I am more active now." Kela said "I enjoyed all of it because it was fun."

After England Ladies`s superb performance in the world cup, girls and boys wanted to improve their football skills in sports club.

Today the children were practising their golf skills. Carter and Callum managed to get the ball in the hole in two shots (Birdies). Tetloch was excellent at chipping the ball. 

Today we practised our tennis skills. It was very windy but fun was had by all.

Rain held off for our golf lesson.  The  children practised their golf skills which included putting and chipping.

The children said "It was exciting today because it was lots of fun!" Mrs Terheege was very impressed with some of the skills.

The weather did not stop our fun! First we played basket ball and then moved indoors to play table tennis due to the heavy rain.

The children practised their hockey skills developing hand eye coordination and ball control.

The sun shone for sports club after the winter break. The children enjoyed practising their football skills. We hope to enjoy a variety of sports in the coming weeks.

The rain didn't stop the fun!  We played table tennis indoors.  This is the last week for sports club. Other children will be given the opportunity to take part in sports club after the February half term.

The rain stopped just in time for us to practise our football skills!  Next week will be the last week for football club. It will start up again after February Half Term. 

Anyone for Hockey!

This week the weather was perfect for golf! The children were practising their putting skills and concentrating on trying to score a hole in one.

Welcome to the new school year! Once again Mrs Terheege and Mrs Simmons will be running sports club on a Tuesday, starting 9th September. Year 2 children will be given the opportunity to take part throughout the coming year.  Year 1 children will be given the opportunity in the Spring. Make sure you check your childs bag for letters.

This week was the last sports club for years one and two. The children had a choice of activities which included basket ball and football.

This week year one practised their rugby skills.

On Wednesday 4th June Year 2 took part in Sports Club.  Despite the rain the children had great fun playing table tennis!


Our winning Year 2 Football Team - Tuesday 17th June 2014

Our winning tennis team - Friday 13th June 2014

On Monday the 2nd of June a new group of children from year one took part in sports club.  We practised hockey and golf skills and had a penalty shoot out in hockey at the end!  We all had lots of fun! 

This week was the last week for this group of children at sports club.  They had the choice of playing football,hockey or basketball.


After half term a new group of children from Year 1 will take part in sports club on Mondays. Also a group of children from year 2 will take part in sports club on a Wednesday.

This week in sports club we practised our hockey skills.

Year 1 & 2 Indoor Athletics Final - Our Amazing team won gold medals! Well done everyone! Thanks to all the families who supported us.

Sports club started Monday 31st March for Year 1 pupils. Mrs Terheege and Mrs Simmons run the After School Sports Club for 6 weeks sessions.All children including Year 2 Children will be given the opportunity to take part if they had previously signed in September.

Children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of sports which include football, cricket,tennis, basketball, hockey, golf etc. Table tennis will be an option if it is raining too hard.

Congratulations to our winning Year 1 and 2 Indoor Athletics Team

Our Gold Medal Winning Year 1 Multi-skills team - 3rd February 2014

Year 1 Multi-skills Competition 28th January 2014

Year 1 Multi-skills Final.

This will take place on Monday 3rd February 2014, at St Edmund Campion School (Holly Lane, B23 5XA), from 3.45 - 5.15 pm.

Multi-skills club is run weekly by Mrs Terheege.  The sessions are run after school for Year 1 and Year 2 children.

Sports club is not running at  the moment due to cold weather and rain at this time of year.It will resume after February half term when hopefully the weather will improve.

I have a waiting list of children and they will be informed when their day is.All children will get the opportunity to take part at some time of the year if they have requested a place.

We are really looking forward to using our new astro turf  when we can try out a few different sports.