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Talk for Writing : 2014-2015

Talk For Writing is an initiative by Pie Corbett. He says, "If children learn stories orally, it improves the quality of their writing and develops the children's self confidence as story tellers. If a child knows a story really well, it makes the task of writing easier because they do not have to compose at the same time as tackling handwriting, spelling and punctuation." Therefore, we have introduced this club to try and encourage children at Birches Green to improve their story telling and writing.


This club is run by Miss Shakespeare and Mrs Smith on a Tuesday lunchtime (Early Years) and afterschool (Key Stage One). 

Pie Corbett actions

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We use the actions to help us to retell stories and encourage us to use time openers and connectives in our writing.


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After that

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Early one morning

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Once upon a time

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In the end....

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Summer Term 2014

Creating a story map using our new characters
Everyone joined in to write the story settings
Writing the beginning of the story
Writing the middle of the story
Working as a team to put together a story map
Discussing what comes next
Writing the ending of the story
We work hard at writing club


We role played the story Little Red Riding Hood
We all played a character from the story
Our KS1 group have made a wonderful story strip
Hot seating the Little Red Hen
The children used the story map to help them write
Children created their own story maps.
Children wrote independently.
Our parents came in to see our wonderful work.

Talk for Writing Reception group

We worked in groups to draw characters.
We worked on different parts of the story.
Can you write part of the story?

Poem of the week

The Sun


Don't you think the sun is bright?
I wonder where it goes at night?
Does it sleep or does it hide?
Or is the moon its other side?

Could it even have a home?
Maybe in London or even in Rome?
Or does it just float around?
Moving slowly from town to town?


Sticky sticker

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Poem of the week performed by the Owls Class.


The Sticky Sticker


I stuck a sticker on my nose,
 And now it won't come off!
 The sticky glue won't let it move,
 Not even when I cough!



 I've tried to pull the sticker hard,
 But cannot make it budge!
 So now the sticker interferes,
 And stops me eating fudge!

Poem of the week (27 th February 2014)

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'Monday's child' - performed beautifully by the Kestrels

I had a little nut tree


13/1/14 - I Had a Little Nut Tree


I had a little nut tree, nothing would it bear,

but a silver nutmeg and a golden pair.

The King of Spain's daughter came to visit me,

and all was because of my little nut tree.

I skipped over water, I danced over sea

and all the birds in the air couldn't catch me.